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SNS Recording Studio

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Piano Close-up

Studio Bookings

Students can book time to record their own music. However, students must only do so after being fully prepared and approved by a music teacher. 

*Priority will go first to GCSE and A-level music recordings

Mr James Finn

Whether you want to record your own composition, capture your band's latest song, lay down your rap track, get some advice with your Logic project, work on a beat or learn more about how to use a professional recording studio - come talk to James about booking studio time.

*Find him in the studio on most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for recordings, practice rooms and advice.

Practice Rooms

Students can book lunch time and after school jam sessions in one of our many practice rooms. This is a really fun opportunity to built on your skills and knowledge. 

*Thanks for being the students we trust to keep the rooms in excellent condition

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More about our studio technician

Mr James Finn

Initially gaining a working knowledge in studio practice during his university studies (he has both a Bachelors and Masters degree) he has gone on to work with sound in a variety of fields ranging from mixing albums to playing in bands, radio broadcasting, live sound, producing his own music, sound design for theatre and art installation.

In radio, he produced and co-hosted a weekly radio show for 8 years on Resonance FM. During his time as a producer and engineer and at Rinse FM he worked on shows with many world famous DJs, rappers and producers such as DJ Zinc, P Money, Skepta, 2 Bears, Redlight, Sir Spyro, Skream and more.

Playing in bands (his instrument is guitar) he has released albums with airplay on BBC radio, toured around different countries and has played at Glastonbury Festival.

If it’s not evident already, James loves working with sound and will be happy to assist you.

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