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GCSE Music

A look into our classroom

At SNS our GCSE Music programme has really kicked off. We are so over-subscribed that we have opened new sections and hired staff! This programme is an excellent opportunity for any student who is creative, driven and wants to learn how to compose and perform brilliant music.

Breakdown of Marks:

30% Composition (1 free, 1 to a brief)

30% Performance (1 group, 1 solo)

40% Exam Listening Paper 


Year 11 GCSE Advance Information

Please review this document from the exam board showing the topics that will be present in the exam.

Important Dates - Coursework Deadlines

Performance Deadline - 17th April

Composition Deadline - 24th April

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The Concerto Through Time

Baroque, Classical & Romantic Periods

Film Music

Underscore, Cues & Leitmotifs

Conventions of Pop

Rock n Roll, Rock Anthems, Pop Ballads & Solo Artists

Rhythms of the World

African, Indian and Punjab, Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, Central and South America




Introduction to Composition

Learn how to create your own music



Composition Marks

pg 32, 33

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