Meet the Team

Committed to Engaging All Students


Tom Coltman

Head of Music

Mr Coltman is an energised leader who is determined to get students involved in high quality music making. He is supportive and engaged with students and staff alike. 

Directing: Orchestra and Show Band and String Orchestra

Specialism: Violin and Strings

Michael Woodward.jpg

Michael Woodward

Music Teacher, Head of Peri Music Instruction

The courses taught by Mr Woodward are known for being both popular and memorable. Every class taught by him is not only demanding, but also provides great lessons for students to apply in their professional and personal lives.

Directing: Bloke Newington and Show Vocals

Specializes in: Voice and Guitar

Amy Foden.jpg

Amy Foden

Music Teacher

Ms Foden new to our team and we look forward to her fresh perspective and teaching approach. An inspiration for both students and faculty alike, she is going to be one of our most beloved teachers.

Directing: Woodwind Ensemble & Stokey Singers

Specializes in: Piano, Flute and Voice