Music Tech Course

Music Recording
Image by João Silas
Image by Yomex Owo
Recording Studio
Sound Waves

Unit 1: DAWs

Digital Audio Workstation - learning to work with and understand software and hardware

Unit 2: Creating Music

Students will be creating a musical project including midi and audio tracks

Unit 3: Studio Recording

Learn to record, mix and edit audio recordings with the inclusion of post-production techniques.

Unit 4: Sound Creation

Learn to compose your own piece of music to a brief utilising a DAW.


Useful Resources

BBC Bitesize - Recording Music

  • Discover how to get started recording music.

  • Find our how artists like Childish Gambino, The Tornados and Beat Spacek have recorded their music.

  • Learn about the tools needed to make a recording.

Online Revision Guide

  • Improve knowledge and understanding of music technology terms.

  • Learn useful advice for tackling exam questions.