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Music Technology

Our unique Music course for SNS pupils in years 9-11 which explores and develops skills in music production, audio recording and live sound mixing.


Course Units

The units our NCFE pupils will be working towards and what the skills and knowledge they'll develop during these areas of study.

Assist with recording studio operations

  • Know the role of common items of recording studio equipment 

  • Be able to assist with a recording studio production session

Multi-track mixing skills

  • Be able to perform a mix of multiple live sound sources (pre-recorded multi-track)

Live sound mixing skills

  • Be able to perform a single mix of multiple live sound sources.

Use audio editing software

  • Be able to perform editing operations on mono and stereo audio files using software

Employment opportunities in music

  • Understand the main features of typical job roles within the music production industry

Our Facilities

As part of this course you will make use of and learn how to use all of our recording and live sound facilities including our Recording Studio, Theatre and computer suites.​


Our curriculum map provides a breakdown of what our NCFE pupils will study and practice term by term.

Browse our Schemes of Work including resources that we will be working with throughout the course.

Useful Resources

BBC Bitesize - Recording Music

  • Discover how to get started recording music.

  • Find our how artists like Childish Gambino, The Tornados and Beat Spacek have recorded their music.

  • Learn about the tools needed to make a recording.

Online Revision Guide

  • Improve knowledge and understanding of music technology terms.

  • Learn useful advice for tackling exam questions.

NCFE Music: List
NCFE Music: Pro Gallery
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