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Composing and Online Resources

Online Learning Links: Welcome

Check your understanding


Utilise the search engine in this website to discover loads of pre-made quizzes from nearly all topics. This is a great way to check your musical understanding of things like history, the elements and notation terminology.

Bitesize Music Learning


This is THE website that will breakdown your GCSE Music Exam section by section. From Music Theory and Concertos Through Time, to Conventions of Pop, Film Music and more.

Loop based composing


Create you own loop based compositions here. Drag and drop parts into the field and play around with textures. Record and email yourself a copy.

Brush Up On Your Music Theory

Take lessons and test yourself on everything from notation to key signatures. This is such a useful tool for securing your theory knowledge.

Revise for GCSE & A Level

Coltman's Podcasts

Take some time to enjoy podcasts created by our head of department, Mr Coltman. He has created a wealth of podcasts reviewing everything from Bhangra to Rock Anthems. This is a great to relax, learn and create yourself  study guide of notes with examples.

Music History

Composer of the Month

Review and listen to music history through the lens of it's finest composers.

Loop-based Composing Software


This is a simpler version of logic where you have the opportunity to organise textures and create your own mixes.

Music Theory Practise.


Watch tutorials and complete exercises centered around music theory and listening practise.

Notation-based Composing Software


This is a simpler version of Sibelius where pupils have the opportunity to create their own compositions using notation.

Get started making music!

Learn about how to create beats, melodies, chords, basslines and much more through a series of interactive music lessons.

Online Learning Links: List

Logic Pro X

Saving to Learning Resources

Step by step guide to saving your compositions in the right place

Exporting to an MP3

Step by step guide to making your compositions ready to share

Online Learning Links: Services
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