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Student Inspirations

My inspirational video is the Elgar cello concerto by Jacqueline Du Pre.

The reason I have chosen it is because it makes me want to become the best musician that I can be every time I listen to it. Her technique is impeccable and she pours so much emotion into her playing that it can makes it seem like her cello are one. She has been called one of the best British musicians of all time and caused the 'Jacqueline effect' where lots of people started to play the cello. Every time I watch Jacqueline Du Pre play, it's almost as though my eyes are glued to the screen as her playing is so amazing.  Despite all this Jacqueline Du Pre had a very short career and life. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in October 1973, she quit playing the cello when she was only 28. She died when she was 42. When she plays the Elgar cello concerto the conductor was her husband- Daniel Barenboim. I feel that she has left a huge legacy on music, she inspires me every day. Musicians like her make me believe, when we don't have words, we can turn to music.

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