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Michael Woodward

Music Teacher, Head of Peri Music Instruction

The courses taught by Mr Woodward are known for being both popular and memorable. Classes taught by him are not only demanding, but also provide great lessons for students to apply in their professional and personal lives.

Directing: Bloke Newington Choir, Show Vocals

Specialisation: Vocals, Guitar


Who is this guy?

Hello, my name is Mr Woodward and I am thrilled to be teaching here, at Stoke Newington School. A place with great energy and diversity is the basis of all great music programs. Before coming to London, I taught primary and secondary music for six years in the state of Michigan in the US. At Stoke Newington I teach y7-12 music, direct Bloke Newington (our boys choir), lead the vocals for the musical, head our peripatetic staff (instrument and voice lesson tutors) and built/manage this site. 
I am thrilled with the momentum in our department and I'm looking forward to another great year ahead of us!

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Sheet Music
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What do you like to do?

I am a music teacher and singer, but I also really love getting outdoors and adventuring. Here is a list of my favourite activities: singing & song writing, hiking with my dog, rock climbing, running, travelling, reading and learning, ballroom dancing, kayaking, sailing, wood working, grilling, and story telling. 

What teams do you support?

I'm still pretty anchored in US sports and prefer university basketball and football. So who do I root for? My university team the Michigan State Spartans! 

In the NFL I dream of the Detriot Lions finally turning things around.. but don't hold my breathe for it. 

Moved to Tottenham over the summer holidays, sooooo Go Spurs!

Favourite Song?

This tends to change alot, baised on what I need from the music. However, one that seems to always linger around is Stand by Me by Playing for Change